Download our menus here or scroll to view below. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional culinary experience that leaves you and your guests delighted, enchanted and satiated.

Our menus offer catering options for 5 to 200+ guests and include mouth-watering items from our chic, mobile wood-fired ovens, including Neapolitan style pizzas, Mediterranean and Italian inspired dishes, gourmet canapes, delectable salads, savory entrees and decadent desserts as well as bespoke menu options and private chef experiences.

Our dishes are hand selected and crafted to meet the needs and taste preferences of your pallet. We can accommodate any special dietary restrictions, food allergies, or requests.

Bespoke menus

  • Menus thoughtfully prepared

    and artistically plated in the

    comfort of your home.

    We work with you to create a fully customized and unique food experience that suits your tastes and dietary restrictions. 

  • Our experienced Chefs

    use careful consideration in developing your personalized menu, working with you to design the perfect selection of dishes for your special evening.

Contact us here to discuss your bespoke menu options.