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Equate Lighted Earwax Removal Tool

Equate Lighted Earwax Removal Tool

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Ultra-bright LED flashlight for better visibility Earwax removal tool Easy on/off operation Two ear pick sizes Convenient storage end Easy to clean and reusable Batteries included Contains: 1 LED ear pick handle. 1 thick ear pick. 1 thin ear pick and 1 set of tweezers The easiest way to clean your family's ears & remove earwax The Earwax Removal Tool (with clear cup tip) lights up the ear canal to remove hard to see earwax Ultra-bright LED flashlight allows you to see inside the ear Easy to clean and reusable Easy On/Off operation Two ear pick sizes. thick and thin Tweezer to grab and remove Convenient storage end WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is not intended for use by children

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