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Kama Sutra 365 (Paperback)

Kama Sutra 365 (Paperback)

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Enjoy seductive illustrations and sensual descriptions demonstrating a full year's worth of sex positions! Introducing Kama Sutra 365 - a fun-filled sex guide inspired by the classic Eastern book of erotica. Enjoy a plethora of positions to both spice up your love life and satisfy your sex life! Providing top tips to make each day a sex adventure. with 365 ways to reach the summit of pleasure.  So what are you waiting for? Dive straight in to discover:    ⃦ 365 incredible Kama Sutra skills and positions – one for every night of the year    ⃦ Engaging pocket format is ideal for purses. bedsides. or special gifts.    ⃦ Erotic how-to descriptions to help you enjoy each position to the full.    ⃦ Inclusive range of positions. from Ananaga Ranga to Perfume Garden  With Kama Sutra 365. ultimate sensual pleasure can be yours every night. Enjoy 365 positions. one for every night of the year. with skills and caresses from the most erotic sex guide ever written! Spice up your sexual repertoire with intimate embraces. hot kissing techniques. and a whole new list of sexy positions. from the Rolling Rapture to the Divine Entwine to the Temple of Paradise and so many more. Full-colour photography and playful. how-to text shows you when. where. and how to get the most out of every position. and send your sex life soaring. Kama Sutra 365 provides an exhaustive supply of new ideas to keep anyone in the bedroom and beneath the sheets. night after night! The witty. playful text and full-length photographs suggest positions for every time. place. and mood. whether you want slow. sensual lovemaking. or a quick. orgasmic fix. Why not treat your partner to something both special and spicy this Valentine's Day with this great sex guide.

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